Shades of green enclose a track in the woods of Garryduff

Garryduff – The Emerald Isle

It’s hidden, just like all the best kept secrets. There are no signs to indicate the small woodland at Garryduff, a stone’s throw from the very centre of Cork City. Yet to take the path up through the woodland by a tumbling stream makes one feel in the very heart of the wilderness.

A stream tumbles its way down a natural stone stairway in the woods of Garryduff, Cork
Tumbling Stream

The water is crystal clear, one can count the stones that lie on the stream’s bed. This place is fresh and alive.

It’s one of my favourite places to walk the dog; shade to keep him cool, water to satisfy his thirst and scents to entice him in circles. Keep your eyes open and you might just be lucky enough to see the swish of a tail and a pause from within a nook as one of the local inhabitants stares down right at you. Last time I was here I was told of a group of red squirrels playing in the trees ahead. By the time I neared the site the whoops of delighted children splashing in another stream destroyed any hopes of a sighting, but still it’s nice to see this stunning woodland being appreciated.

A track in the woodland of Garryduff just outside Cork City
Wooded Track

It’s difficult how anyone could imagine thinking it a good idea to make a dirty great big wide track here to get a handful of fallen trees out. Thankfully sense has prevailed and this track will remain as is.

The twisted trunk of a beech tree perches on the track edge

It doesn’t matter the season, it’s always magic in these woods. A complete and utter change to the City, yet bordering on its edge. Long may such oases remain.

12 thoughts on “Garryduff – The Emerald Isle

      1. I could not agree more. All it takes is the willingness to go out there. The old boy can’t walk as far as we used to but he still enjoys it
        Hope you and the Hound are good!


      2. 8 already!!
        Zeke will be 11 in November… He’s really slowing down and while he doesn’t complain, his hips are bothering him… He still wants to go on walks but they have be be cut short.

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