I have been grateful for all the numerous awards that have been sent my way, but as from January 2014 I will desist from accepting such awards – they are simply starting to take up too much time. Please bear this in mind, though I will not be offended if you do continue to provide nominations – they will simply go no further. MM 🍀

This blog was set up in May 2013 and thanks to the excellent blogger Seabluedreaming  I was nominated for an award in June 2013. This has necessitated me to create this “Awards Page”.  Despite still seeing this blog as a work in progress, later the same month I received the ‘Inner Peace’ Award from Ajaytao2010, a prolific blogger of sublime photographs.  ‘Inner Peace’ is something that I have struggled to find over many years but I feel that I am now there. Thus this award is kind of very meaningful to me, so thank you Ajaytao.

July 2013 saw me pick up the ‘Very Inspiring Blogger’ Award and for that I have to thank Ashton Manswell for including me in his nominations. In August 2013 I then received the Inner Peace Award (for the second time) from Ariston Organics, the Versatile Bloggger award from Petrel41 before Ariston Organics bestowed another award on me, that of the Sunshine Award. My next award was bestowed on me by Michelle of ‘Tell me about it‘, the WordPress family award for being one of the supportive bloggers that is the WordPress collective.

On 10th November 2013 I was then awarded two awards for the second time, the Versatile Blogger Award and the Sunshine Award. Many thanks to  Anne of Tales Along the Way and Marlyn of Kintal for these awards. Then almost immediately another couple of awards arrive, Blog of the Year 2013 Award and the Semper Fidelis Award. My thanks go to Al of A Mixed Bag and Fill the Empty Spaces for these fabulous acknowledgements. Later in November I received the 2013 Blog of the year  once more (this time from Ariston Organics) before December 2013 saw a hat trick of awards thanks to Tales Along the WayJust Mad Stuff and  Mich in France. The 3 December 2013 awards being the Liebster Award, the Versatile Blogger  Award and the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award respectively.

Christmas then approached and I was awarded The Sunshine Blogger Award (with a new image) from Otrazhenie which was closely followed by The WordPress Family Award kindly sent my way by Inspired and Pretty.  Then the legendary Ajaytao forced a full sack of four awards down my chimney, these being the Shine On Award, Lighthouse Award, Fantabulous Award and Excellence Award. Why is he a legend? Just check out Ajaytao2010.

Thanks to you all and those that follow this blog.

Best Moment AwardSeed of Light Award versatilebloggernominations-copy  inner-peace-award x 2


versatile blogger badge x 3
sunshine-award-1x 2

wordpressfam1x2Blog of the Year Award 1 star jpegx2





Lighthouse Award
Lighthouse Award
Fantabulous Award
Fantabulous Award
Shine On Award
Shine On Award
Excellence Award
Excellence Award

Now go and be good to yourself and check out the blogs of those that have nominated this blog. 🍀

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