The First Commission

I was first approached by fellow blogger Safia from Top of the Tent fame to provide a photograph to accompany her post featuring Seamus Heaney’s poem  ‘Blackberry Picking’. As luck would have it, down in the local quarry I spied some lovely specimens and with that I returned to the house to collect the camera and get a suitable shot.

Sadly Seamus Heaney died on Friday 30th August 2013 aged 74 years.  While I was not fully content with the shots, I did at least enable Safia to put up the post on the day of the poet’s passing from this world. Thank you Safia for providing this post with the wonderful words of Seamus Heaney. Safia’s post pays tribute to the poet and man, Seamus Heaney.

Another Collaboration

Just a day or two after the first request, I was asked by another blogger to collaborate with them on a post. In this instance I provided three photographs and from this collection Hasty Words  put verse to the chosen image.  The next challenge was to join her in writing….


This sudden flurry of activity got me thinking – “Wouldn’t it be great to try doing a few collaborations”.

Working Together
Working Together

Conflict is what we hear so much about in the news (North and South Korea, Sunni Muslim against Shia Muslim, Catholics against Protestants, Whites against Blacks, rich against poor, gangs against gangs etc.), yet I don’t think the average human being wants any of this.

So if you feel like you want to connect and collaborate, drop me a line by completing the form below. It might be challenging but hopefully it should be good fun.  Maybe it’s to take a picture of typical houses in Cork to compare to photos of the same type of scene in Japan, could be written or photographic….

In the unlikely event that this really takes off I reserve the right to limit the number of assignments taken on. No offence but I have to be practical.

Collaborations to date include:

Top of the Tent  where Safia posted a dedication to the Irish poet Seamus Heaney and I provided a photograph to accompany one of his poems, Blackberry Picking.

Anarette where  Anarette requested a photograph of a feather to go with the poem she penned “Little Feather“.

Hasty Words, a writer of verse then took up the difficult challenge of writing verse to a photograph I had taken and came up with ‘Hanging On‘. A return challenge then saw me adding verse to a poem she started, using one of my pictures and is entitled ‘Pendulum’. Hasty Words is so encouraging and full of positive stuff that truly belies her mainly dark verses. A great collaborator.

Amanda (with the blog Starfire8me) worked on putting words to an autumnal photograph that I had taken  to give ‘To Finish on the Bottom‘.

Dale of Dales Delectables then agreed to a collaboration using photos and words, resulting in posts on both of our sites. Check out Collaborations 5; A Shadow of Myself and The Chair. Dale is a dream to work with. Cheers Dale. Just down the coast from me is WildSherkin who put magnificent words to my image ‘Weeping‘.

2014 has seen two collaborations with Anarette (Moorhen and Stuck in Icy Waters), while Sheila Hurst put words to another photograph of mine to create the post Pavement and Paint. Inspired by her friend Sheila’s collaboration, I then had the absolute pleasure of working with the delightful Britt of the blog A Physical Perspective  for the post When I am me, I am free. Soon after Theresa of the wonderful Soul Gatherings asked to do a collaboration using a series of boat images that I had taken and came up with the brilliant Voyage on a Deep Blue Sea.

So come on, let’s work together.

Meticulous Mick 🍀

15 thoughts on “Collaborations

  1. Glad to have landed on your blog.It is truly amazing to see someone to come forward and encourage teamwork.It is one thing to read about the importance of working together but an entirely different thing to witness someone actually practicing it.I am surely going to remember this.Looking forward to see your photography!

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  2. Hey MM, I’ve been thinking about the beautiful collaboration you did with my pal Sheila and I was wondering if you wanted to team up. Your photos are always amazing and I would be honored to pair some words with one if you’re game. Let me know. : )


  3. Thanks so much for the mention, MM – not sure about the ‘fame’ bit mind you! I’m breathing a sigh of relief that I got in as early as I did – you may be inundated. Great idea and I so agree with your sentiment.


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