Weekly Photo Challenge – Abandoned II

So on a small country road I continued, taking me by the waters of Cork Harbour. Fortunately, straight after an abandoned house had been spotted there was room to pull the car off the road. Out came the camera from its housing.

Bingo, it had colour, reflections of bare trees in the windows, cobwebs, drawn curtains, a broken window, peeling paint and pretty much all I was looking for. Except of course, the house was right on the road and there was very little room in which to manoeuvre.

In the gallery below I include a number of colour images from this scene and may well post some additional B/W images as a follow up.

At this stage I was pretty pleased with my find, but still I was unaware of what was about to greet me.

50 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Abandoned II

  1. Gorgeous! I can almost ‘hear’ the silence of the building. I am sure if you sit still long enough you can hear the whispers of it’s history. Beautifully photographed.


    1. Next door lying in wait was the house of abandoned III. That is a treasure, but not immediately apparent until one peers through the broken pane on the front door. It also helps that I like to go down the road less travelled. MM ๐Ÿ€


  2. You are building suspense ๐Ÿ™‚
    That’s a great-looking abandoned house (as far as abandoned buildings go…). I like the vine detail on the brick but also the interesting colors, green stucco crumbling to reveal the red brick underneath.


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