Sea Sparkle

County Donegal is one of my favourite counties in Ireland. Every time I go I get convinced the welcome cannot be good as the last time, only to be proved wrong once more.

The deserted sandy beaches remind me of the western coast of Scotland, with seas of aquamarine more reminiscent of the Caribbean than the windswept Atlantic. ย Of course, ย just dip your toe into the water and any such thoughts are banished.

Sea Sparkle
Sea Sparkle

Still, you have to admire the scenery.

26 thoughts on “Sea Sparkle

  1. Beautiful. I love the peeling paint of the boat and the way our eye is drawn to the sparkle. Simply beautiful.


  2. Such a cool place … I love the sparkling sea and will pretend it is warm.
    The boat is so full of color in it’s decline. Great focal point for the shot.


    1. Oh don’t get me wrong, the boat is the main subject and I like it’s many layers and stories to tell. I was just looking for a less obvious title and with the boat’s keel leading one’s eye to the shimmer on the sea I chose ‘Sea Sparkle’. Thanks for your kind words Manal and have a great weekend. MM ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


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