A pigeon sparkles in the Cork sunshine

The Showman

The mass of pigeons, greys and blacks, a bit of white and plenty of dirt and droppings. But take one, just one. Concentrate on a single bird.

Watch it closely, see the head turn the neck glistening, shimmering a multitude of colours; turquoise, green, teal, lilac, purple. Flashes of brilliant sequins. The eye is ringed with orange and the feet are louboutin red.

The humble pigeon with Louboutin feet and a sequined collar
Louboutin Feet

It’s only because there are so many, all in the dirt and grime of the cities and towns, feeding off the scraps that we leave behind, that we just dismiss them.

Pigeons line a railing in Bishop Lucey Park, Cork
All in a line

Nature, the gift that just keeps on giving, no matter how easily we may dismiss it.

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