A hot air balloon surveys the African plains

A Plain Panorama

The shadows are long, the sun’s rays are weak, heralding the dawning of a new day.

Plain Panorama from the basket of a hot air balloon over the Serengeti.
Plain Panorama

The hot air balloon rises above the Serengeti, its direction in the hands of the winds and its altitude under the pilots control.

From the back of a jeep the ground is simply arid and dusty, yielding little. From up here a different perspective can be gained as life giving creeks, spots of lush vegetation and water are easily spied. A cheetah trots across the dry grass nervously looking from side to side.

The basket of a hot air balloon with eager tourists looking down on the plain below.
All Aboard

Even the plume of dust from the pursuing jeeps adds a magical touch to the scene.

9 thoughts on “A Plain Panorama

  1. Tanzania, eh? My sister and niece were there in January!
    Isn’t it interesting how they choose hot air balloon that blend in with the land rather than stand out?
    Gorgeous, as per…

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    1. January – we were there in September last year and headed out to Zanzibar – birthplace of the great Freddie Mercury 🎹🎀. Might get bored of it after a while,but will change the subject matter to jazz things up and keep you on your toes. πŸ‘€πŸ‘πŸ˜œ


      1. Too funny! My sister and niece finished their trip in Zanzibar. Yes birthplace of the late great Freddie.
        I’m not worried in the least. You will always do what you do so well! πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜

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    1. Hi there Lee and good to see you too. Was lucky enough to go to Tanzania last year and absolutely loved it. The scenery, the wildlife, the people….Hope you have been keeping good while I’ve been away. MM πŸ€


      1. Lucky you, I’m just a teensy bit jealous πŸ™‚ All good Down Under, I think we’ve finally said goodbye to the heatwaves of summer and look forward to a cooler Autumn while you look forward to your cool (to us anyway) spring and summer.

        Liked by 1 person

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