A baobab tree hosts a vulture, an eagle and stands proud in Tarangire Park, Tanzania

The Mighty Baobab

Some people when they think of an African Safari simply turn their attention to the animals that might be spotted. However, there is far more to a safari than animals alone.

While the Tarangire National Park in Tanzania boasts the highest density of wild African elephants, it is also widely known for its Baobab trees. Huge trunks provide a base so wide that you could drive a double decker bus through it.

In fact many of the giant trees have been hollowed out by elephants which feed on the trunks in times of drought to extract moisture; despite looking very solid the trunk is like a sponge. The hollowing out of the trunks provides a cool shade for animals to escape the sun, but they also provide a favourite hiding place for poachers. A case of the elephants unwittingly contributing to their own downfall.

A Baobab tree spreads its broad trunk and branches over the Tarangire Park, Tanzania
Standing Tall

This nearest tree was playing host to a couple of vultures as we passed as well as an eagle.

With such a spectacular silhouette I still haven’t come firmly down on the best processing for this image – yet anyway.

A karge baobab tree stands in the Tarangire National Park
Poachers Retreat

So three posts down on this African Safari and still we await a picture of any animals – and yes we did see a few.

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