Snow Hound

It’s impossible to keep a good dog down, so here is the Hound reveling in the snow.

A brown and white hound takes a rest in the snow
The Snow Hound

The Wife thought it looked like the photo had been taken in a studio but I can assure you that his lordship is simply lying in the snow in a nearby park. What strikes me is how his white forelegs really blend into the snow; can hardly make them out.

It is a pity we get snow so seldom, as The Hound loves to run around in it and play.

5 thoughts on “Snow Hound

  1. There is something about watching dogs and toddlers (of all ages) playing in snow. Whole and complete JOY makes their entire countenances….smile from the depths of their souls. Whew!

    Well done, JRCR G.
    Well dome!!!!

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