Surf in the City

For those in the city that want to take an active approach to the weekend, how about a spot of surfing?

The sea is well over 200 miles away and yet on our first afternoon in Munich we passed surfers on the street, boards carried underneath arms as if we were in Hawaii.

A short walk to the base of the Englischer Garten (English Garden) provided the answer.

Waiting in Line

How cool is that? Surfing in the City and hundreds of miles away from the nearest coastline.

Riding the Wave

I thought it was brilliant and this lot obviously enjoyed their time in the surf.

Making a Splash

The real challenge of this from a photography aspect was the speed of the action combined with extensive shadow caused by the overhanging trees – not easy at all. Still, I tried.

The Scene

So not a sight to be scene everyday, surfers in a city hundreds of miles from the nearest coast. Let me leave you with the cover image and if you find yourself in Munich, go check it out. Surreal.

Surfin’ the City


4 thoughts on “Surf in the City

  1. That takes more skill I would think, having all of those ‘borders’ to watch out for. 😉 (haha what I really meant was the edges) You did an excellent job of photographing this, I am impressed.

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      1. It’s all good John, I am not the fastest at responding so no judgement here. 🙂
        I can well imagine how challenging it was to get those photos, they are great for sure. The photos are not grainy from what I can see…so you did good. I often use a higher ISO in low light when there is no strobe but I actually like grainy images to a certain extent, since I like low light…


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