Sound of Music

So fresh from a trip around the Isle of Arran (yesterday’s post), today I give you a very different whirlwind tour – The Sound of Music Tour.

Staying in Salzburg Austria we thought the tour would be nice and frivilous.

Summer Palace

Our first port of call was the palace used for the outdoor scenes by the lake, but this was about as close as we could get to the privately owned Schloss.

We strayed a little on the way back to the bus, the fortress above Salzburg looked so impressive from this alternative viewpoint. From here it looks as if it is in the middle of the countryside, not towering over a city.

The Fortress

On to the gazebo famed for the “Sixteen going on Seventeen” song in the film and found in the grounds of another nearby schloss.

Gazebo used in Sound of Music
Sixteen Going on Seventeen

Alas being on a tour it was difficult to get images without a hoard of other tourists, but somehow I sneaked a couple in.

Glass of Gazebo used in Sound of Music Film
Glass Delight

The tour continued on to the lake district near Salzburg to gain the view of St. Gilgen by Wolfgangsee and on to Mondsee and the church that featured in the wedding scene of the film – in real life they got married in Salzburg.

St Gilgen, featured in opening scenes of Sound of Music
Opening Scenes
Church used in wedding scene of Sound of Music at Mondsee
Mondsee Wedding

Alas we didn’t get to skip down that meadow but in our time in Salzburg we did at least get to the gardens of some of the scenes, the fortress now in its more customary silhouette.

Spectacular Salzburg

This last image helps to show the richness of Salzburg; it really is a sumptous city with music featuring strongly, Mozart being its most celebrated son.

To end, here is a fella who wishes he was just a bit more musical…..

Tone Deaf

Hope you enjoyed the tour – Have to admit I don’t think we’d be recommending it, though it was nice to let someone else drive for a change.

13 thoughts on “Sound of Music

    1. Bodylove, we went with Panorama Tours, a last minute decision and we did the half day tour starting early afternoon.
      Our particular Tour Guide just failed to connect with the Group at all and while he tried his best it just didn’t work – for us anyway. Maybe this was bad luck on our part, but one can only comment on one’s own experience.
      Secondly there were a good number of sights – particularly around Salzburg and the local area that we were primed that there was a great photo opportunity, but teh reality was that the bus just sped on by at normal speed, no time to get out or anything.
      We also got held up at roadworks for a considerable time on the way to the Lake District, so we did not have time to stop for a coffee or anything in Mondsee and yet these roadworks had clearly not just appeared overnight – no alternative thinking / planning and no warning of this despite the company obviously knowing about it – our free time was simply curtailed.
      May be just got unlucky, buy I personally cannot recommend Panorama based on the experience we had. Perhaps a slightly long tour (in terms of time) would be worthwhile.

      Hopefully these comments may aid you in your planning and enjoy your trip – Salzburg itself is certainly stunning. MM πŸ€

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