Fishermen's houses at Catacol, Isle of Arran

Catacol Cottages

In undertaking the coastal road around the Isle of Arran, we passed through Catacol in the Northwest corner. Little more than a hamlet, we stopped at the hotel for a bite to eat and had to simply admire the upkeep of these wonderful old, solid fishermen’s houses.

Whitewashed row of Fishermen's cottages, Isle of Arran
All in a Row

The front of the houses gave onto the sea while to the rear they were hemmed in by heath and hill.

upturned dinghy on shore at Catacol, Isle of Arran, Scotland
Catacol View towards Kintyre

Benches are set to admire the view.

A bench set for a view of Kintyre, Scotland
Bench View

Ever in hope the bus stop waits.

A lone bus stop
Bus Stop. Please!

Looking back to the north one can see Catacol nestled in against the hillside, sheltering from all that nature can throw at it.

View of Catacol from across the bay
Across the Bay

If you do go to Arran, make sure you do the coastal loop, you will be well rewarded whatever the weather…..

21 thoughts on “Catacol Cottages

  1. Fine images which bring back good memories of Catacol – the cottages are known as the Twelve Apostles – we stayed at number 3 in May 2006. Each of the cottages has a different upper window so that when the fishermen were at sea they could recognise if their house was lit by a candle – they must have had very good eyesight πŸ™‚

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    1. Wow, that is great information Robin. I think you have just qualified for comment of the year for the insight you have just provided. Amazing and many thanks for your input. MMπŸ€


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