Two young Austrians in traditional dress, Alpbach, Tyrol, Austria


It was our first morning in the Tyrolean village of Alpbach and we soon realised that something was amiss when all the shops were closed and not even a loaf could be bought. A bit annoying as we were in self catering accommodation with not a drop of milk nor a crumb to chew on.

There was suitable recompense as we soon discovered. It wasn’t even 10 am and the local inn was heaving with lederhosen clad men drinking beer. The throats were being lubricated ready for the blowing of horns and the beating of drums. We had woken up on the morning of a public holiday, a religious festival.


A village gathering in the Austrian village of Alpbach
Village Gathering

It was great to see the locals donning their traditional finest and not for some publicity stunt but the coming together of a community, old young and everything in between were represented.

Men in traditional Austrian gear in the village of Alpbach


Young Austrian lady in traditional dress in the village of Alpbach, Tyrol, Austria
Young Lady
A young lady in the village of Alpbach wearing traditional dress
Traditional Dress
A gathering of locals in traditional Austrian dress
The Gathering
Men and woman in traditional dress in front of an Inn


What was particularly nice was that this was not contrived for the tourist, the season had yet to begin and here were families, neighbours all getting together in their traditional attire. It was a privilege to just be present, sitting on the steps of the church.

An Austrian family in Alpbach, Tyrol, Austria
Family Time
Two young Austrians in traditional dress, Alpbach, Tyrol, Austria
Even the Young

I hope you all enjoyed this quick journey into a traditional Tyrolean village.

17 thoughts on “Tradition

      1. OH thank you. There are three in “TRADITION” that I would love to paint. If I get a chance to do that I will certainly ask first. πŸ™‚ That is so great ❀ thank you

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  2. These pics remind me very much of Black Forest culture, in southwestern Germany, where I was born. People really do enjoy their festivals, putting on the special clothes, playing music for the occasion, drinking wine and beer (sometimes it gets passed around for free at certain festivals), socializing with neighbors and community members. They could care less whether or not there are tourists around, they are totally into it.

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    1. Not surprising in so many ways as we were just across the border near Innsbruck. It really did come across that they enjoyed putting on their traditional attire and were proud to do so. It was so good to see. Totally unaware that you hailed from those parts Beauty. MM πŸ€

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  3. Lovely to see traditions being kept and celebrated. But Oh! the two young children – that is an image that speaks volumes. Glorious.

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