In the weekly news update we were informed that the three local gorges were now open, they were safe to walk through after the winter season. We chose the Kaiserklamm (Kaiser Gorge) of the three as it was the hardest to get to and the path was not as wide as others.

Parking the car at Kaiser Haus we walked along a wide track beside the Brandenberger Ache River and soon came across a bridge. The path leaves the track here to venture into the start of the gorge.

You’ll have to excuse me for putting in another photograph so similar to the header one, but I felt that the portrait version improved the image – the clouds and the rushing water are features I particularly like and it provides a more hemmed in feel to the start of the gorge.

Waters of the Brandenberger Ache River tumble over pebbles as it leaves the mighty Kaiserklamm
Flowing Waters

In fact I really like this shot – there I said it!

Leaving the track, the path narrows to just a small path and within just a few metres one is inside the gorge and looking down into the waters below, the thunder of roaring water reminding one of the power beneath. Railings line the narrow path which in places is wide enough for just one person.

Clear waters in the Kaiserklamm Gorge

The water in the gorge is so clear and tumbles from one layer to the next. Scars on the rock provide testimony to the force of nature.

Coming out of the top end of the gorge the valley suddenly widens and the river is somewhat calmer.

Before the Gorge

Continuing along the river we then had the option of returning to our starting point, via a forest track, or simply returning the way we had come. We decided to trace our steps back through the gorge to see the phenomenon from a different angle.

The footpath is very narrow in places and even cuts through the rock. The following picture gives an idea of scale, with an adult figure up on the walkway near the entrance to a passage in the rock.

An adult stands on the Kaiserklamm path, high above the river in the gorge below, lending scale to this geographical formation.

So there we are, a very impressive walk and one well worth doing if you are anywhere near the Brandenberg area of the Tyrol just outside Innsbruck, Austria.

Alpine scenery
Stunning Scenery

I hope you enjoyed the scenery too. MM 🍀

3 thoughts on “Kaiserklamm

    1. Thanks Jason, like the idea of heading to Colarado and the Rockies, you must have some awesome scenery over there. Have to sat we are so privileged to be on the edge of Europe will all of its history and tradition, some amazing places and cultural events. Working hard and had little time for blogging of lay so the site has been a bit neglected of late…


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