Where have I been? Clue2

Yesterday I gave my first very unrevealing clue as to where I had been away on holiday – images of the Hound on a beach.

Today I provide a very revealing clue for anyone that might have been in that neck of the woods – the most enchanting library I have ever come across. To get to it one needs to take a walk into the woods…

Hidden in the Woods

If you look carefully you may also see the Hound half-hiding.

Inside the place is a ramshackle wonderland full of messages and artwork, as well as a few books. Paper and pencils are left to encourage visitors to contribute further.

Organised Chaos

So there it is my second clue and one of the images is particularly helpful – but no clues as to which one.

I trust you have enjoyed your visit to this wonderful library.

17 thoughts on “Where have I been? Clue2

    1. The clue is in the image of the young boy, look carefully and you can see what looks like sugar loaf mountain rising from the sea. This is the distinctive shape of Ailsa Craig. Anyone who has been to this neck of the woods would have recognised it. πŸ˜€

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    1. Oh Sarah you clever little girl you, go to the top of the class immediately. It was more a family trip in which I took a few photos rather than a photo trip 😐 We did do Glenashdale of which I do have a couple of pics as well as Eas Mor, right by the library. Eas Mor did not have a lot of water flowing over it, so despite the drop it was not very impressive. The view out to sea was pretty stunning mind. How are you my friend?

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      1. My dad started up a bit of a “where’s this” guessing game on Facebook and I have got rather good at finding them on Google πŸ˜‰ It’s all about putting in the right search words! In this case it was Log Cabin Library. I really do think it’s a wonderful idea!! Lovely to have a family trip to such a beautiful place πŸ™‚ Hound obviously enjoyed himself! It’s been a very dry winter and Spring down here and over much of the UK so I guess it’s affected the islands too 😦 I’m not too bad! It’s been a busy month in lots of good ways but I have been resting this week. Anything fun planned for the bank holiday weekend?

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      2. I am working over the bank holiday weekend, but worse things could happen – afterall I have only just come back from Scotland. It was a superb place for a family holiday, particularly with the rented house leading directly onto the beach through a small gate. One morning there was even an otter bounding up the garden – pity I missed that one mind. Hound was in his element. Next holiday in May, not long now. May have to make the clues less Google friendly πŸ˜‰

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      3. A lot of them are, but here we got the house for 9 people and a dog, and we were charged a good bit less than a grand. In this case it was excellent value and the house was perfect. In Devon / Dorset it was ridiculously expensive when we went there…Supply and demand I guess

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