Where have I been? Clue 3

Well to shed a bit more light on where I have been I provide more clues in today’s post and a more prominent landmark from the island.

Standing Tall
Natural Stubble
Setting the Scene
Getting in on the Act

So any guesses as to where we have been?

28 thoughts on “Where have I been? Clue 3

  1. Having never stepped foot on that part of the Globe, I shall refrain from even attempting to guess.
    I’ll just sit here and enjoy the beautiful images. Oooh! And we are blessed with one of you to boot! Trying to decide who’s the handsomer fella…. 😉

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    1. oooohhh, never been to the Orkneys, or Shetland come to that. Be checking out your blog. And as for Lewis and Harris, two more on the hit list, but yet to visit. Spot on with the country mind, just a different island 😎

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