The Hound in reeds bordering a sandy beach

Where’s he been?

Well all on here was quite for a while as we enjoyed a few days away, The Hound coming along for the ride too. Big apologies have to go to Ger for the absence of posts.

We’re now back in Cork, but can you guess where we have been?

As with my trip to Spain last year, the clues will get easier – I promise. For those who know me personally and are aware of where we recently headed off to, please refrain from chipping in.

Loving it!
Beach Patrol
The Hound stalks in a reed bed
In his element

The first of this series of posts is especially for Olyve (and Ger) as she seems to have developed a soft spot for our big boy, The Hound.

Will be posting another clue this week, so watch out for it.

8 thoughts on “Where’s he been?

  1. So happy to see The Hound, the most handsome of fellows…
    I’ve been trying to get myself back into some kind of rhythm – have failed miserably thus far!
    No clue where you’ve been gallivanting around!

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