Weekly Photo Challenge – Solitude

This week’s photo challenge is “solitude“, show what being alone means to you.

For me I did not need to think, I knew the answer straight away – to be on top of a mountain, the wind blowing through the hair and a sense of looking out over everything. Peaceful solitude, a wonderful state, away from all modern interference.

I remember being asked where I would like to be if the world came to an end. I answered, “On top of a mountain” and got a very puzzled looking response. May be I was expected to say Vegas, in a bar, Mauritius or some other exotic location…

In terms of an image I have selected one taken on a lowly hummock, on a small island that gave rise to a lovely view adorned with the colours of a rising sun. Solitude in perfection.


For those interested, this is the Island of Colonsay on the west coast of Scotland.

Why not check out the photo challenge using the Solitude Link.

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Solitude

    1. The right clothes help! Such a peaceful place and to be able to look down on the world. I find forests can be disorientating, difficult to get one’s bearings as impossible to see landmarks for much of the time. Love the wildlife that inhabits them mind πŸ€


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