Losing it?

Mottled corrugated iron and some bare tree trunks hardly sound like an inspiring image, but no matter how I looked at it I knew I wanted to return with the camera.

The sheets of corrugated iron, the back wall of a crumbling outbuilding near Parc Ui Caoimh, were no longer a slate blue colour, but nature had started to take over, spreading moss, lichen and other forms to provide a dappled surface. It was as if the wall was acting as a stage backdrop to the trees in the foreground, the woods extending beyond.

Corrugated shed with trees in foreground
Nature’s Canvas

The light wasn’t as good as on that first day, but still the scene was begging to be canned.

So what do you think?

Am I finally losing it?


15 thoughts on “Losing it?

      1. Experience has told me over and over that my first photo is almost always the best while I spend more time finding the perfect photoshot… and yet I do it over and over again…

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