On coming back from Dublin the other weekend we decided to get off the motorway and make our way to the Rock of Cashel. Alas the medieval site was in the midst of restoration work so much of the buildings were covered in scaffolding and cordoned off.

Visitors still milled around the rest of the site (entrance fee was waived as a result of the works) but the concentration of people in a smaller area and the presence of the scaffolding did not make a compelling photographic opportunity.

Overall I found the view over the mist covered valley and the ruined Hore Abbey to present the most likely opportunity, though the conditions were hardlyย  promising.

The final image used above was treated in Lightroom 5 CC where I used the “de-haze slider” – a new feature to me that was not on my original Lightroom 5. It made a massive difference as the two images below testify.

No De-Haze
No De-Haze

Overall I think I would have preferred to have paid the entrance money and seen everything fully restored. May be a return trip might be in order.


16 thoughts on “De-Haze

      1. Hope you headed out west when you came over, west is best! From Donegal to Cork. Many years ago did the Coast to Coast walk ending in Robin Hood’s Bay and we often stayed with friends in Harrogate. My brother in law is from Ilkley. Lovely part of the world. Am also a bit of a Portugal fan, having lived in Lisbon for 3 years…MM๐Ÿ€


      2. Sounds like we have plenty in common. I love Robin Hood’s Bay and the cliff top walks along that coast. I was just admiring your ‘Solitude’ ๐Ÿ™‚
        I started in Cork and did Ring of Kerry and Dingle. Would have loved to go further up the coast but I had to get back to Dublin. Many thanks for the follow, by the way ๐Ÿ™‚

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