Fading Grandeur

Above, in the banner image, is the old Coastguard House that sits astride the large car park of this well known Cape Cod Beach and from where its name derives (Coastguard Beach).

Descending down the steps to the sandy beach one is duly warned of the risks of bathing in these waters – an image far more frightening than any words.


While many people will drive to this location, I have to extol the virtue of cycling down from the Salt Pond Visitor Center just outside Eastham. The path is wonderful as it winds through the trees and then crosses the marshes on yet another boardwalk. the visitor center is also extremely helpful.

Marsh Boardwalk

It was here from this boardwalk that we saw a flock of wild turkeys busying themselves in the marsh.

Wild Turkey

It is a great and very easy cycle.

Bicycle on Marsh boardwalk in Cape Cod
Wheels Away

(photo credit: The Wife)

So there you have it, Coastguard Beach and here is a reminder of what the beach looks like:

A silhouetted couple stroll along the Cape Cod Shoreline
Strolling Along

Sun, sea, sand and walk far enough away from the main steps and you will find a bit of solitude.

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