The Art of Guido – Rioja

The above banner image comes from a photograph my wife took of me in Reykjavik, Iceland standing in front of a Guido Van Helten mural. I found his art stunning and have taken an interest in his work since.

The other day I came across a video of one of his more recent works, undertaken this year in the Spanish wine growing region of Rioja. Prepare to be blown away:

Brilliant, I am left speechless. The combination of visiting the region to see this work, sample some of the Rioja reds and taste the local tapas is a big draw.

For more on Guido Van Helten’s work you can visit his Facebook page, while below I include images of his Icelandic murals.

6 thoughts on “The Art of Guido – Rioja

  1. This is stunning work – I can’t get my head around how he can translate an image on his phone to these massive artworks, and get the perspective right. I see he is Australian, and I know there is a guy who painted portraits on wheat silos here, so I guess it is probably the same person.

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