The front of a typical spanish house in the town of Lanjaron, Granda Province.

The House of Honey

The house has a sign advertising its Miel (honey) in Lanjarón, Granada province, Spain.

A house advertises Miel (honey) in the Spanish Spa town of Lanjarón
The House of Honey

I think this is one of those occasions where one can be very pleasantly surprised by the results of cropping. In this case I liked the vertical portrait image that I had deliberately taken, showing the full frontage of this house in Lanjarón, Spain. In order to fit the theme I had to do a fairly heavy crop to gain the banner image.

Ultimately I like the detail in the banner image and in this case less is more. The only trouble is the exact image you see will depend upon the device you are using to view the post.

Just shows the value of taking images at a high resolution and giving things a try – in this case a heavy crop.


13 thoughts on “The House of Honey

    1. Thanks Debbie, it certainly is a riot of colour and that’s what captures the eye first of all. Interesting that both you and Aidy like the vertical image, the one I had intended initially. Love the feedback, thank you and enjoy your day. MM 🍀😘

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