The Shore at Provincetown

The day we chose to visit  Provincetown at the tip of Cape Cod was forecast to be a good day, but on arrival we were greeted by a thin blanket of fog.  As the sun started to burn through the day the fog seemed to simply drift away.

So with the promise of better weather ahead, we went off to book our whale watching trip, setting off along the shore. The morning vision was enhanced by the atmospheric conditions and reminded me of old Turner pictures, it was like stepping back in time.

The harbour and old pier at Provincetown, Cape Cod, USA
Atmospheric Lilt

In contrast, the street running parallel with the shore was a hive of activity as morning coffees took their effect. The old pier, nails protruding forth, gave a far different impression of a deserted, once prosperous, but now forlorn, town.

The Old Pier at Provincetown
The Old Pier

So there we have it,  a few more images of decay and neglect, this time shrouded in a bit of fog. I have to say we did like Provincetown.


If your interested in how the whale watching trip went, you might like to pop on over to Whale of a Time.

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