An old fishing storehouse on Mount Desert Island, Maine, USA

At the Dockside

In my last post I showed a rather colourful facade of a dockside building, all decorated in fishing floats (see Colourful Maine Floats). Below this building, where the boats came in to land their catch, stood a building with a much more used look about it.

The working side of the fishing hut, Maine
All Worn Out
An old Fishing store at Bernard, Mopunt Desert Island, Maine, New England, America
Fishing Store

Personally I love the character provided by the everyday use and wear that adorns this building. It is as though it has many stories to tell.

On the neighbouring wooden fence more floats could be seen, but it looked like these were not just ornamental.

Fishing Floats hang on a dockside fence, Maine, New England
Sitting on the Fence

And for those interested in what lay at the front of the building, here is a shot of the bay, Bass Harbor in Maine, USA.

View of fishing dock and Basss Harbor, Tremont, Maine, USA
Bass Harbor

Be interested in your views on whether you like this old worn look, or prefer the decorative colour reflected in Colourful Maine Floats.

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    1. Cheers Dale, we were dangerously close to Canada a couple of times….have to say I like the banner image, but as different devices will perform different shrinkage wanted to also include it in the main post to ensure the correct dimensions. There is just so much in that one shot and I love the open door….

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