colourful floats of Maine

Colourful Maine Floats

We were recommended to go to Thurston’s Lobster shack on the water at Bernard on Mount Desert Island, or MDI as the locals referred to it. Would never have found it without looking purposefully for it, but its location was perfect – overhanging the water on the south west corner of MDI.

Next to the restaurant were various buildings all part of the fishing, mainly lobster, industry. This building, adorned with fishing floats caught my eye.

Maine fishing building adorned with colourful fishing floats
Adorned with Colour

I’m pretty sure that this building was used as the cover to a recent edition of Lonely Planet’s New England Guide.

coloured floats brighten up a pier building
Colourful Floats

I even saw a sign back in Southwest Harbor advertising the services of a skilled float painter. Clearly they take their floats seriously in these parts.


13 thoughts on “Colourful Maine Floats

  1. Beautiful shots. Today, it suddenly hit me that you have been posting pictures of the US not of your beautiful home Ireland. I’ve been pretty busy lately and haven’t been checking out my favorite blogs.
    When we were in Maine last year, we were quite enamored by the lobster buoys. So much so that my husband bought an antique one and I bought a birdhouse that looked like a buoy painted like a lighthouse.


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