Chester Gatehouse

Charmed by Chester

Last weekend we popped over to Chester in the North West of England and were charmed by this old roman city.

It has the most complete city walls in the UK and my number one recommendation for anyone visiting the city is to walk the walls.

A circuit of the walls will lead one to cross over the main shopping streets, pass by the roman amphitheatre, look down on the lush green racecourse, walk by the River Dee, tread the tow path of the canal and admire the old cathedral. One is treading in the prints of so many who have walked these walls over the centuries – the walls date from around the 12th century. Makes one think.

Here are a few modest shots, taken on the iphone, of our trip to Chester.

Thrown in here is a shot of a butterfly encountered while visiting Chester Zoo, a short bus ride from the city centre.

If you are thinking of heading Chester way, I would have to recommend staying by Hoole – a short walk from the city centre but with a buzz all of its own and plenty of independent, happening bars and eateries.

So there is a glimpse of Chester and its walls and a top tip for anyone thinking of going.



14 thoughts on “Charmed by Chester

  1. Such a lovely town! My sister and I got to spend one tiny night there when we were still at university, and it was magical, with fairytale snow falling and everything. What a marvelous way to revisit itโ€”though I hope next time will be in person again!! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. HA!!! Traveled to Chester via narrow boat from Birmingham with a boat-load of friends…well there were actually onlyy4 others….but still a boat-load for a narrow boat! We found the greatest pub…just off the ring wall on one of the wall exits. Am sure you know the one, JRCRG.
    Thanks for reviving those cherished canal boat memories…..RRR

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