Lady walks across blue shutters and doors holding umbrella

Blue Rain

A bit of an absence there, all for good reasons I am glad to say. This post is like the title, short.

The new theme dictates a certain recommended image ratio for the “title image”. Alas I don’t always agree with the exact ratio being used, so below I also provide the image in its complete, original dimensions.

Old woman strides past a blue fronted building, gripping an umbrella, sheltering from the rainy mist
Blue Rain

I think the extra space that this offers is important to the photograph and preferable to the larger title image. Any thoughts, or am I just being very picky?

Hope to be catching up with all your own blogs soon, as I settle into the new job.

11 thoughts on “Blue Rain

  1. I think that the image needs that extra space for it enhances the mood and the story ..
    And I strongly believe that you should never sucomb rules for the sake of rules when your artistic sense tells you what works or not ! You are the artist make the rules acording to your vision !
    Stand up for your artistic beliefs even when all your peers prefer the complacency or even mediocracy ..
    Maybe I’m being a bit harsh but I’m seeing a lot of comments on a photo to indulge rather then analysing the merits of a photograph on deeper level !
    It’s easier to say it’s a stunning shot but not commenting why or even dearing to suggest how one would do it differently ..
    I’m glad you pushed the viewer to go beyond indulgement ..
    How else would we learn and evolve if we don’t get constructive criticism ?!
    For Art sake let’s push each other to higher vision !
    And we all have it ..but most of the time dormant and self indulging
    Lets learn from each other

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    1. πŸ‘πŸ» Thank you for this and well said too. Having seen the lady further down the street and waited patiently in the rain I knew the shot I was after. The balance of the image is “ruined” IMHO and removes the effect of movement by being forced into a tighter crop on the sides. It almost looks as if the person has just walked into frame and shouldn’t have been there – either that or I was too sharp on the trigger.
      So thanks for your feedback and nice to know my own gut and artistic instinct was right! Have to agree with you on indulgence, we learn way more by suggestions and pieces of constructive criticism. As you say. let’s learn together.
      Thanks Diana, John πŸ€

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