The Bus Stop

Walking on the opposite side of the road I was caught by the lines of this bus stop,Β  the buildings behind and the line of bollards in front. Still trying to get my head around why the array of lines captured my attention so much.

Here is the image in its original ratio:

Bus stop true

And for a bit of a bonus, here is the same image in black and white:

Bus stop true -BW

Any thoughts on these images much appreciated.

14 thoughts on “The Bus Stop

      1. Absolutely, it helps to challenge our own thinking, which is no bad thing. Ultimately the choice has to be down to the photographer / artist. Gosh, did I just call myself an artist? 😳

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  1. I prefer the original, uncropped version, wth the vertical rectangles at the back as a counterpoint to the landscape one in the front. And, for similar reasons, I like the reddish colour in what is otherwise already quitea monchrome image.

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  2. My initial response was to look for a person or a soul, my eye kept on going all over the frame in search for something. There are lots of great composing elements (such as frames within the frames, overlapping windows), subtle colour palette that works for the mood of the photo.
    But something is missing eyes keeps looking for that missing piece !))
    With the B&W version i would prefer to see a stronger contrast and in doing so dramatise the apparent quiet capture..just my humble opinion

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