Daisy in the Park

Just a Daisy

Well I have been kind of busy of late, so I am afraid the posts have dried up a bit. So when I had to drop off the wife’s car for a bit of work, I decided to throw in the camera and take a walk while the car got fixed.

Walking through a nearby park, I could not help but notice the plentiful daisies growing in the grass. Small, beautiful and tinged with pink, we all too often stride past such specimens without giving them a second thought.

In addition to the colour image above, I like the effect of the monochrome image too, so enjoy this version too.

Black and white image of a daisy


As for the redesign of the blog, I am still working on redoing the feature images so that they are in a format that better suits this new theme. Just hold on in there.

You may have noticed the tagline of the blog has been changed to “Naturally Curious”, which edged out “Eyes Wide Open” in the poll held on Help. My own personal favourite was “Hearing the Pin Drop”, but I like Naturally Curious too and have to admit that my favoured one might be a bit too obtuse for those for whom English is not their first language.

And if all that wasn’t enough, I start a new job today.

Any view on the new format (good or bad)?


12 thoughts on “Just a Daisy

  1. I do like the new theme for the blog. It’s clean and stylish. Love the daisy in colour, there’s something about that yellow sun centre that gets to me πŸ™‚ Enjoy the new job!

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