Man at Work

Ok folks, just a quick heads up to warn you that my blog may be looking a bit all over the place while I seek to freshen up “the look”.

Would be very grateful for feedback when it is all done, but in the meantime I have plenty of resizing of featured / header images to undergo.

Be back all polished up very soon.


8 thoughts on “Man at Work

  1. I’m doing the same thing, Mick. My mistake was to delete my old blog, so now I am starting afresh. I note the comment of white on black not being good, so now I’m in a dilemma, because I think photographs look much better on a black background – much better contrast. But I do know that the white writing doesn’t stand out very well. It seems more grey than white. I’m experimenting with changing the writing to actual white, but then you cant see where you’re editing. I’ll look out for yours. Will you do the same for me please. Thank you.

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    1. Isabella, been so busy not been able to check in here, so sorry for delay. White on black the contrast is too much if there is a reasonable amount of text, but yes am with you on images often looking better on a black background. Will look at your own site, but boy it can take a bit of work to change themes and get looking reasonable 🤓 MM 🍀

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      1. I’m very mixed up at the moment – deleted my old blog, started a new one, wanted the old one back, WordPress was able to reinstate it [a message for everyone, if you do delete your blog, it is possible to have it reinstated] and am now trying to get my original domain name back. I have also found a premium theme “The Photography Theme” with a dark grey background – there is a slide show on the first page, a gallery page[s] and a place for a blog – all on the same site. [Purchase for £59] So I’m on hold at the moment but watch this space!!!!!!

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    1. Not going to hate you at all Anne. Not yet anyway. Am still working on the transformation. I am just going with the standard free version at this stage – let me hit a switch and see what you think then 😎


      1. Sometimes i think photographs look way better against a black background, of course white letters on black is not good for longer bits of text. Thanks for the feedback Anne, MM 😘

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