The Answer is…….

The region I was visiting was Andalucia in Southern Spain, a region that has some startling contrasts.

Close toΒ  Almeria at the eastern end of the region, the land is semi-desert, while the Sierra de Grazalema near Ronda allegedly receives the most rainfall out of all of Spain. Personally I would have guessed somewhere like Galicia, Asturias or some where near San Sebastian for this watery accolade. Just shows you how much I know.

As for the challenge, I think I can boldly say that we have two joint winners. Anne Farmer, the West Country artist, was the first to state Spain using just the first image of the wild flowers on the roadside. She has only been to one region in Spain (Andalucia) and was so struck by the amount of wild flowers when she visited that my first photo brought it all back.

Denis from Down Under was the first to plump for Andalucia being the region, though initially the Spaghetti Western set that featured in clue 2 turned his attention to Italy. While labelled as “Spaghetti Westerns”, most were shot in Spain and according to Wikipedia the “Spaghetti” term was used as many were directed / produced by Italian film-makers.

So well done Anne and Denis, here are the images with some more helpful labels.

And one reader really did tinkle me pink, so I am handing out an extra award for “Sense of Humour” and that goes to Scott in Norway. My sides have almost recovered.

For anyone interested, the header image to this post was taken by The Wife and captures me getting a glimpse of the flamingos in the Cabo de Gata National Park. And to think we were just up the road from Torremolinos et al.



18 thoughts on “The Answer is…….

    1. There were so many I could have mentioned, including yourself. Good to see you wandering around the world mind 😎. I enjoyed it, as it seems did many, so might just do it again some time….🌎


    1. Great, glad you enjoyed it Denis. I was struck by the richness and variety of what was on offer just behind Torremolinos etc. Thought it worthwhile highlighting.
      The whole thing has proved a bit of fun for us all I feel. Might look to do it again next time I go away. 😎

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