Judging by the number of likes that this post has received so far, it is very clear to me that very few people have seen this, or indeed the other posts in this series.

Let me introduce you to Diana of Didonablog. This trip is phenomenal to see, Diana has captured some amazing pictures and clearly been in a very privileged position to capture many of these. As you know, I do not tend to do a whole load of reblogs,so you know this one really is worth it.

Go check out this post and the others in the series.

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Biserica monument istoric Hramul Sf. Arhangheli Mihail siGavriil

In the heart of Maramures, in Hoteni, one of the three wooden churches brought here in the 18th century, is a statement of well preserved of local traditions and spiritual dedication. Florin Tomas has been looking after the church and its members with consecration and much divine love. The interior is fully covered with hand made objects donated by the community from sitting mats to embroideries beautifully placed on the walls next to adorned icons or elegant spiritual paintings. At the end of the service Florinโ€™s blessing will remain on your forehead and in your heart for a long time and you will feel like you just left a warm, embracing, loving family !

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15 thoughts on “Devotion

  1. The wooden churches and monasteries of Maramures are indeed a sight worth seeing…. The frescoes within the churches are amazing, but alas photography is not allowed in some….

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    1. Very true Sue, there were a few Icons that I was not allowed to photograph ..very beautiful and well preserved indeed. However, the priest has become my friend now and and gave me permission to capture the beauty of his church and even the sermon. I feel so blessed !

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