Where have I been? – Clue 4

Well the last three days I have been giving some vague clues as to where I might have been on my latest travels. Now here is my fourth entry and one that might be giving it away a bit more – it is after all a well known tourist place and rightly so.

First we have a bridge crossing a gorge, connecting the two sides of the town.

One town linked by the new bridge
Towering Above

Then there are the old walls, the image below was taken from the opposite side of the town. Here the sheep and goats graze below the fortifications while horses kick dust in the paddocks. I should know, we stayed at the place in the centreΒ  of the image.

the merging of a town and countryside
Town and Country Merge

So have these more generous clues helped determine where I was? Are we on to the region now as well as the country?

Maybe the first three clues would help; Clue 1, Clue 2, Clue 3.

And needless to say, have a great weekend. πŸŒ…


57 thoughts on “Where have I been? – Clue 4

      1. Hi Kat, I thought the contrasts in the images were worth setting out and not everyone’s vision of Spain. Hence the idea of a quick quiz came about. Hope you enjoyed it and thanks for taking part in the fun, MM πŸ€

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  1. That’s Ronda in Spain!!!!! I’ve been there πŸ˜€ A long time ago but still, I’ll never forget it! I was 11yrs old and we stayed in a resort by the beach but spent a very memorable day in Ronda although I threw up in the bullring at the sight of the bulls blood :$ I didn’t spend much time in the resort as I made a local friend who’s dad owned a nearby stables so I went riding through the orange and lemon groves most days or along the beach itself on the most beautiful palomino. Thank you for bringing back those amazing memories πŸ˜€

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    1. Glad to bring back such good memories and sounds like the real way to enjoy such resorts. Fabulous. I was very surprised by the scenery in places, aside from all the plastic near Almeria….πŸ€

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      1. It’s the only time I’ve ever stayed in a resort, aside from the Maldives where there’s no choice, and I don’t think I would have enjoyed that holiday at all if it wasn’t for making local friends and getting out into the countryside! The day up at Ronda was amazing though, I don’t think I’ve ever been struck quite so much by another town. Plus we had totally amazing tapas there!! We did the whole “go to Gibraltar to be attacked by the apes” thing too. Never again! A few years ago I went to a place near Javea with my sister and we were able to get into the hills again and enjoy real Spanish hospitality πŸ™‚ It’s beautiful around there too! Hablo un poco EspaΓ±ol, que ayudaΒ‘

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      2. hablo un poco tambien 😌 Ok I speak a bit of Portuguese and bastardise that to make myself understood. Have to say I loved Galicia (try looking up Casa Louran, one of my all time fave places to stay – could do a post on it), but my all time favourite place in Spain has to be San Sebastien and my what tapas……I will be back….😘πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ


      3. Oh lordy, Portuguese is a nightmare for pronunciation!!! Casa Louran looks so idyllic John πŸ™‚ I can see why you love it! Will keep that one in my list of recommended places to stay πŸ™‚ I would love to visit the basque region too, San Sebastian looks like a really beautiful area!

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      4. Was only in San Sebastian for an afternoon and in the evening we went up to the hills for a cider celebration in a big barn at some fiesta. I was with some people who I knew from working in Madrid, but who were up from round the Basque area. Have to return. πŸ€

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      5. Oh I love big Spanish meals! We went for a big paella meal at a ranch in the mountains not far from Ronda and I have never had a paella that lived up to it since!! The day also involved donkey riding which was hilarious. My dad’s wouldn’t move and the saddle on my sister’s wasn’t tightened properly, started slipping, donkey freaked and ran off down the hill with her πŸ˜‚ One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in my life! She was fine πŸ˜‰

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      6. Garlic with everything!!! Well, maybe not the orange juice πŸ˜‰ I think one of the things that Simon and I really look forward to about going out to Greece is the fresh fruit juices! Particularly peach πŸ™‚ Peaches in Greece actually taste of peach!!!

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      7. It just has to be the right climate for the fruit! We do apples and pears extremely well over here but you just can’t get the real taste of so many others that have been force-grown here or picked early abroad and shipped over! Every now and then I buy a bit of watermelon and I’m always disappointed 😞

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      1. Yes! But honestly I deliberately did not read anyone else’s comments until I remembered the name! When we visited years ago there was a long thin prong of metal sticking upwards by a gate and I trod on it! Luckily I was wearing trainers and the thick soles saved me from injury! There was a hole almost right through!! πŸ˜‰

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      2. You have a good weekend too. I hope you have the glorious weather we are enjoying here where you are… it’s a well known fact that here in England that Southern Ireland doesn’t have weather ( according to the TV weather maps) ,πŸ˜‰

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      3. It has been pretty warm, slightly damp, but we’ll take it – plenty done in the vegetable patch in north cork. Heard you are having a scorcher……😎


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