Chickens Roam the Beach

Whiddy Island Hen Party

Over Easter we were staying in Bantry in West Cork, so for a wee adventure we grabbed the rain gear and climbed aboard  the ferry to Whiddy Island. Why not, never been there before.

Now a place with a population of c.20 is hardly the place you’d expect to bump into a hen party, it only has one pub for starters. Sure enough, that is where we encountered the hen party, right outside the pub and on the beach. Of course this was no ordinary hen party, being Whiddy Island.

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Well I am glad to say that these birds were well behaved and were even generous enough to lay an egg while the cockerel strutted his stuff on the shoreline. Needless to say there will be more from Whiddy Island shortly.

For more information on the ferry, the pub and all things Whiddy, why not check out Whiddy Ferry Official Site.


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