Whiddy Island Weather

The Easter weekend threw what it could at us all, hail, rain, sun and a biting wind. What else was there for one to do but pack a rucksack and head off to an island in the middle of Bantry Bay, West Cork?

The destination was Whiddy Island, an island boasting an oil terminal, a pub, an old school, once housed a US Flying Boat station and has three gun batteries clearly discernible. More on the Middle Battery in  a later post (I promise). A lot of history for an island just 3.5 miles long by 1.5 miles wide.

Here are a few images taken on Whiddy island, capturing the changing mood of the weather in our very short stay there. The rainbow shot is from the middle battery and depicts the north of the island, while the other images are looking in a generally south westerly direction from various locations.

If you missed the first Whiddy Island post, just click on Whiddy Island Hen Party.

Enjoy the week.

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