Hot and lush

I don’t tend to re-blog, as most of you will know. However, I thought that I would be doing you all a favour by re-blogging the latest post from Frog Pond Farm 🐸, down in the land of the kiwi. Julie is a superb blogger and has given us a peek into her own little paradise that she and her husband, Andrew have created. So go watch the video at the end of her post and be enthralled and amazed and if you are not following already, my I make a little suggestion…..

Frog Pond Farm

This is one of those l-o-n-g posts boarding on being boring 😀

We have had so much rain over summer Frog Pond Farm is looking lush … very unusual for this time of year.

frog pond-1220075

Those thieving possums have been paying nightly visits to the orchard munching on an array of fruit, while the turkeys are gathering in numbers window shopping. Hubby netted a couple of trees, while Bill my father-in-law has pegged some paper bags over pears (interesting to see if this works). Frankly anything to keep the wildlife away is a bonus, trust me!

muriwai beauty-1220429

Our peaches are ripening in a hurry and are just delicious. There is nothing much better than standing in the orchard biting into a peach and having the juice dribble down your chin. Heaven!

The Damson plum is laden with fruit, as are the apple and pear trees. Our persimmon is boasting fruit this year and the…

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