Beautiful dog perches above a deserted sandy beach in County Donegal, Ireland

Donegal Dawg

Firstly thanks to all those who noticed the absence of posts from my end and have been gleefully kicking my arse to start producing again (that will be you then Martin and a couple of others).

I think what has been of most concern to many is that The Hound is still alive and well. So I thought I should re-ignite the blog with a picture of his highness taking a wee rest while gazing down on a deserted beach in County Donegal. The beach is Tramore Strand, but that won’t really help much as Tramore can be translated into “big beach” and there are lots of beaches in the County with this same name. This particular one is near Dunfanaghy.

Beautiful dog perches above a deserted sandy beach in County Donegal, Ireland

The image itself was taken in July of this year, a particularly grisly month as can be seen by the ominous dark clouds rolling in the background.

Hope you are all well.




47 thoughts on “Donegal Dawg

    1. Me too Willow, but then in checking on my stats that I appeared not to be following you anymore. A glitch in the system as I know that has happened not just with me but a number of users. All corrected now mind 😎

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  1. It is interesting, when I saw this post come up in my feed I thought, wow, I haven’t seen a post from him in some time. I have been inconsistent with my posts since this summer and have enjoyed the break. I hope the same can be said for you. I always enjoy looking at your part of the world through your lens, Have a wonderful holiday and New Year!

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  2. Hello again, thought you had dropped off the planet πŸ™‚
    The Hound has grown, I’m sure! and looks completely at ease surveying that wonderful stretch of beach. Looking forward to more of your images.

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