The Colonsay Whale

That’s right there is a whale on Colonsay. It lies just a few metres from the shore, besides the track to Balnahard.

This is a wonderful open air art installation that is being built by visitors and we had to add our weight to the ‘sculpture’. An artist mapped out the framework of the whale using local stones and the public have been asked to help complete the installation by filling in the gaps, of which there are still plenty.

Whale Spotting
Whale Spotting

So simple, so effective. Not only that but the Colonsay to Oban flight path goes directly overhead and it must leave a striking impression. I loved it.

Flight Path
Flight Path

So remember, if passing, try to add a stone or two to enable this work to be completed.

20 thoughts on “The Colonsay Whale

    1. I just wish we had flown over it ourselves, as it was we needed to fly the Colonsay – Oban leg to witness the art from the air….Hope you are enjoying Ireland Debbie, MM 😘


  1. Great idea everyone loves to feel included, and to be able to say I did some of that (whale) when it becomes a landmark of sorts would be satisfying and fun. What will future generations think of it?

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    1. And we did 😎. I think it a great idea and event and let us hope it doesn’t just become a memory of those massive sea going mammals that used to roam the oceans……πŸ˜“


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