A daffodil shows up for Christmas

Easter at Christmas

I cannot think of any real frosts so far this winter, potentially a reflection of a later waking hour, but there is no denying that this winter has been incredibly mild to date.

So much so that the bulbs are poking through the soil with abandon and one daffodil, a flower normally associated with Easter, is coming out in time for Christmas. The image below was taken on 21st December, the shortest day of the year. While it has been pretty mild it has also been on the damp side, even for Ireland.

A daffodil shows up for Christmas

Gosh I for one would love a bit of real cold and some snow for Christmas, but I know not all would welcome it.

12 thoughts on “Easter at Christmas

  1. Beautiful. It was warm there too? I thought it was just northeastern USA. During Christmas, I saw cherry tree blossoms. It was incredible.
    This week, the temperatures are finally hitting normal. Now I am cold all the time. Haha

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  2. Hey, good to know you are back here !! Yep certainly weird weather, my rose has just finished flowering… But the grass is still growing. Bizarre😳

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  3. Lovely image! I’m with you: I would appreciate a cold snap for Christmas. I’ve been glad to not be shoveling snow but Christmas Day is predicted to be 75 degrees here and that just doesn’t feel right to me. I’m also wondering what the lack of a hard frost will mean for agriculture and nasty biting insect populations.

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  4. Beautiful photo John, you have kept the photographic eye in whilst the bloggers hand rested. Frost, snow what are they? We had a run of days either side and into the 40 oC earlier this week . Christmas day only 33 o C at the moment. Hope you have some snow!!

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