Donald Where’s Your Troosers?

Or to most readers, trousers (that’s pants for those from the USA). Always remember that song from when it was played when I was a wee nipper. Here it brings a nice introduction to my post featuring the “Bridge Across the Atlantic” and the Trousers Inn.

I mentioned in a previous post that the island of Seil had been long connected with the Scottish mainland by an old high-arched bridge. Well here it is, the euphemistically named “Bridge Across the Atlantic”.


The high arch allowed boats to continue to pass underneath, not that the canoes in the top image would prove much of a height concern. ย Just next to the bridge is an Inn called “Tigh An Truish”ย (House of the Trousers). Here I am stood right outside it:


Legend has it that in ย times when highland dress was seen as a sign of rebellion and forbidden, the highlanders travelling to the mainland would swap their kilts here for trousers.

A great story, but then that can be history for you.


11 thoughts on “Donald Where’s Your Troosers?

  1. That bridge is fantastic and a great shot John. Thanks for making me smile, I now remember my mum and dad saying those words at different times growing up, just as popular here in Oz as well as your way ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. For us it was late afternoon having started at Inveraray, gone to Crinan, Dunadd and Kilmartin (lunch in the cafe buy the museum), Easdale and then stopped here on way back. So alas we simply continued on to reach our final stopping point north of Oban.

      Looked a good spot mind. ๐Ÿ€

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