Kilmartin Glen

Just north of Crinan lies an area of Scotland noted for its ancient monuments and an Iron Age hill fort where it is claimed that King’s of the ancient kingdom of Dalriada were ‘crowned’. In the area lie many monuments and medieval castles to lay testament to the prior importance of the area.

Certainly our B&B host in Inveraray enthused about the area and its historic significance. So here are a couple of shots of what was left behind. The foot mark in the stone was said to be where the King’s placed there foot as part of the crowning ceremony. Alas my wife’s shoes fitted somewhat better than my own….


Once again I have to thank my wife for a couple of the images.

5 thoughts on “Kilmartin Glen

  1. One of my favourite places in the world! My kids and I regularly did the circuit of Kilmartin Glen that takes in Temple Wood and the Nether Largie cairn and we would sometimes walk the entire Glen and take in all the standing stones, burial cysts and cairns. Did you stop in at the village? Kilmartin’s churchyard is fantastic and has some ancient carved gravestones.

    I have some photos of us at those exact standing stones in this post I wrote on my blog to share where we had come from. If you have an idle moment, you might want to take a squizz at the images and see how many of our favourite local haunts coincided with your trip.

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    1. For the benefit of anyone else reading this, I have too concede that Laura has some great shots that capture the wider area with her sons bringing everything to life. Go take a look……Thank you Laura, MM 🍀

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