Oban to Oban

It was a wet miserable day with periodic gusts of wind. On entering the “terminal” of Oban airport we were informed that the pilot would make a decision  15 minutes before scheduled departure, to see if she was prepared to fly the twin prop plane.

Not the brightest of days
Not the brightest of days

We were hoping to fly to the Island of Colonsay off the west coast of Scotland, as was another lady there. The plane itself heads to Islay first, then on to Colonsay before returning to Oban airport (which is actually at Connel).

Then there were three men also waiting. There destination? Oban!  They simply wanted to take the plane to get a view of the islands and so while taking off from Oban they stayed on the plane the whole time all the way back to Oban.

The plane flew and while the weather was poor one did get a glimpse of what it might look like on a fine day. It was breathtaking.

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Hopefully these images give some idea of the sights to be seen. We even got to see the Island of Seil and the Bridge Over the Atlantic where we had been the previous day. One can understand the thinking behind the three men in taking that journey from Oban to Oban, via Islay and Colonsay.

The flights are heavily subsidised and I would have to recommend this experience. As for us, we took the plane to Colonsay and then a few days later came back on the ferry.

Currently flights are operated by Hebridean Air.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of the isles by air!


17 thoughts on “Oban to Oban

  1. What a great flight and great pics given the weather. I can understand the men with their round trip, just to see it if you had limited time would be fantastic.

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