Weekly Photo Challenge – The Early Bird

This week’s photo challenge is “early bird“, a shot that shows all the glory and reward for an early start to the day.

As soon as the challenge went up, my thoughts went straight to an image I had taken a long time ago, a result of an early start. The overnight forecast was for clear skies and conditions seemed perfect for a good sunrise. So I set my alarm early to get to a lake near the town of Macroom, County Cork.

Alas the frozen roads meant that I did not get to the lake in time for sunrise, so I stopped at a spot on the journey to capture the breaking of dawn. The colours were amazing and I felt truly rewarded.

Reflections at Dawn
Reflections at Dawn

Again I would note that this image has not been brightened or tweaked using photoshop or any other such software. Personally I love the purple cloud reflections in the water.

And here is the image from the spot I was trying to reach, the sun fully fledged by then.

Uncut Golden Morn
Uncut Golden Morn

So sorry for the repeat, but it fitted the theme perfectly.

29 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – The Early Bird

  1. Wow, wow, wow! Absolutely gorgeous! I think it’s a good thing you didn’t make it and were forced to stop… life is great like that, isn’t it?

    Golden morn is beautiful too…

    It pays to get up early!

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  2. Two great images, the lake photo is still early enough to make my definition of dawn the golden sunlight infused in the reeds is perfect. I prefer sunsets at my stage of life but you have reawakened my memories.

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    1. The best bit about winter up here is that you don’t need to get up very early to catch the rising sun. Of course the down side is the cold…..Thanks for your comments Denis πŸ€


  3. Love the spot you didn’t make for dawn, such possibilities and even so, a wonderful shot when you got there anyway. The dawn shot you did take is great in it’s own way, beautiful break of day and yes those clouds reflecting in the water are amazing. Sometimes nature is so glorious with saturated colour that you don’t have to do anything in post and still the comments come about the unnatural colour πŸ™‚ Both beautiful.

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