Weekly Photo Challenge – Early Bird II

Continuing on this week’s ‘early bird‘ photo challenge I bring you a couple more examples of being rewarded with an early start.

The first image was taken atop Mount Kinabalu on Borneo and I have to confess it was pretty cold that morning. The second was from a safari in Etosha, Namibia when an early rise was needed to see the wildlife in action. Have to say I had no problem getting up for the safari, felt like I was a great big kid all over again.




Mount Kinabalu Top Station
Mount Kinabalu Top Station


Lions in Etosha Park, Namibia
Lions at Dawn

Have to say I would love to do a safari again, but where?

16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Early Bird II

  1. Stunning, awesome, just love that first one from Mt. Kinabalu, the colours just blend into each other. Try http://www.worldphotoadventures.com.au they do photo tours to Africa each year and have done for many years. Bit pricey but you always get to see the animals and are in the right place at the right time and for photographers that’s what it’s all about. They are two of Australia’s top photographers who run it.

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    1. Thanks Lee, taken many years ago now with a much simpler camera. Thanks for the Safari it, won’t be immediate as our next longer haul destination is likely to be Cuba…MM πŸ€


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