Beach from the Dunes

At Easter I took The Hound to a beach just down from Youghal, the first time I had ventured there.

From the edge pf the dunes the view out to Capel Island was full of pastel shades. Undeterred I sought to see if I could capture the essence of this scene. Now I haven’t gone near the likes of photoshop for this, but have tried to gain a sense of the scene that lay at my feet.

All thoughts would be appreciated, MM πŸ€

19 thoughts on “Beach from the Dunes

    1. Thank you so much Beauty as for me those are the kind of images that I love, they have depth. It;s a bit like songs, the catchy ones you get fed up of, but there are those that gradually take you in…..πŸ€

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  1. Pastels definitely informs us of the mood and colour of the day and place John. A bit of camera movement perhaps? if so you really nailed it.

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    1. I wanted a high dof, rather than draw attention to one part of the photo, but without great clarity. Rather than breath hot air on the lens I took the image and then reduced the clarity setting in Lightroom 5 to get the effect I was looking for. So no camera movement but reduced clarity. Hope I still nailed it 😏


      1. How easy to get that effect with the Clarity slider ! Never thought of that. I couldn’t quite see how you could have done it with camera movement as there wasn’t enough blurr in the foreground. Thanks for clarifying for me John πŸ™‚


      1. It’s always a pleasure to view your work, John, and I want to thank you for visiting my blog. I don’t get to post too often (though I feel another one coming on soon!) as I run an Etsy shop, a dog boarding business, and I create art pieces for accessory items that are made by outside manufacturers. I know you’re busy too so I really appreciate your taking time to give us a look see Thanks so much!

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