Tulips for Sue

Sue was unable to see the tulips from the earlier post as a result of the java slide show. So here for you Sue are the same images, but this time you should be able to view them at your leisure.

Enjoy your day with the help of these tulips.

16 thoughts on “Tulips for Sue

    1. Alas Ahmed, these tulips are merely from in my front garden which is very, very small – it is smaller than the single car driveway. Would love to go to Holland to see the fields you talk of. Some day….Enjoy your weekend, John😎

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    1. Thank you very much fluidicthought. It is appreciated as it is not always as easy as it seems at times – a fraction here and there and one gets a glimpse of a car or driveway in the background. One has to work on these things. Enjoy your day, MM πŸ€

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      1. Glorious sun here in woody Epsom too. Mick .. You might like my recent post featuring the song Carrickfergus and an elegy to a friend of mine from Mayo. Regards Thom.


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