Daffodil in February, Ireland

Weekly Photo Challenge – Reward

In the latest weekly challenge, the word is “Reward”. Looking out the kitchen window, the answer lay before me.

A few years ago I bought a while load of daffodil bulbs and planted them out in the garden. That small bit of work has been handsomely rewarded since, with each spring being welcomed in by these gloriously bright flowers. Now if that isn’t a sumptuous reward I know not what is.

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The Weekly Photo challenge is a WordPress photography challenge, why not give it a go too.

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Reward

      1. We had the most glorious weather this weekend! The birds at Wisley were very busy nest building yesterday 🙂 I saw a lovely thrush being chased off by a blackbird from it’s territory. All the robins are singing their little hearts out! I want to get out to local marsh land to see if I can find the toads gathering 🙂


      1. A visitor last night could not help but comment on the splash provided by the white crocuses in our back garden. Flowers have a great ability to lift. 🌺


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