Wooded Stream

To close this week and wish you all a fine weekend, here is yet another image from Garryduff Wood.

Its a great place to take The Hound as refreshments are served all day long. Nice cold and sparkling.

Wooded stream-1

It really is like being out in the wilds, but is right on the doorstep of Cork City.

Enjoy your weekend.

MM πŸ€

23 thoughts on “Wooded Stream

      1. There was a light dusting (again!) but nothing to concern ourselves about… don’t want to get too excited but they are teasing us with a +6 this week!


    1. Kris, green is something we have aplenty over here. Would love a bit of the White stuff over here. After a while mind I am sure you are glad to see the back of it and temperatures rise. Hope all the family are well, love from Cork πŸ€


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