One Four Challenge – March

The new month heralds a new One Four Challenge, that great processing challenge hosted by Robyn G of Captivate Me.

I was heading out the door with the Hound, making a break for it in-between cloud bursts, when I had to do an immediate about turn. A promising daffodil bud had been left bejewelled by the latest Β shower. So off I went to grab the camera while the Hound lay bemused.

Daffodil bud bejewelled by the latest shower.
Spring is Here

I am not sure how I am going to develop this in four different ways as it is such a simple image, but therein lies the challenge.

And once the image had been taken, the Hound got his walk. A happy ending.



54 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – March

  1. Well that was a very brief comment on my behalf – you took my breath away, you see πŸ˜‰
    Looking forward to the next 3. Simply a gorgeous image and a wonderful start to March and Spring for you!


  2. So glad you made the effort to go back and get the camera! Daffodils are just springing up here too, I celebrate each one. You are right about that incredible line made by the second stem and your coloring is rich and lovely too. I am sure you will rise to the editing challenge, enjoy!

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      1. Hope to be able to be around more … this is such a fantastic challenge series … my problem is my connection … on a good day I can see people’s work .. on a bad day photos don’t upload 😦 Anyway .. this is a great first edit!

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